Dr.Joseph Fry was credited with manufacturing the first bar of chocolate for eating in 1847. This was only made possible by the development of special machinery which enabled smooth-tasting chocolate blocks to be manufactured. Daniel Peter in Switzerland added to the delight of chocolate by developing milk chocolate in 1876.

Albert Jarman Caley was quick to see the potential of chocolate manufacture. In 1883 he commenced the production of chocolate products at his Fleur de Lys works in the heart of Norwich, and laid the foundations for Caley’s reputation for producing the finest chocolate products.

Such was the quality and demand for these products that Royal Warrants were granted for many of them, including Caley’s famous Marching Chocolate, a familiar product in the British troops’ kit bags during the Great War.

All Caley’s products are based on utilising only the finest ingredients and can proudly stand beside the best in the world.


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